The MSD project has been years in the making and with great collaboration. The team at Evening Huddle would like to thank our amazing voice talent, software development team, collaborators and the sound companies we engaged.

Streamers, Podcasts, etc. Using MSD in their sessions:

  • The Nat 30’s A group of friends in our all-natural thirties playing D&D and other games

Other important call-outs:

  • DM Scotty at the DM’s Craft. His videos inspire terrain crafters across the globe.
  • James at the Tabletop Engineer. Check out his magazine, Bexim’s Bazaar and RPG & WarGame Sourcebooks at DriveThruRPG. They are fantastic!
  • Ben Smith for his consultation.
  • Matthew VanRyn for his legal opinions and support for us and other entertainment entrepreneurs, like the VoiceSphere.
  • The Lords and Ladies of the Nerdium. Our advisors and fellowship gaming group. Deep thanks for their encouragement.
  • Artlist and Boom Library where we licensed or acquired certain sounds for My Sound Delve. Female12 & Male12 Phrases are from studios affiliated with Artlist.
  • The Developers at Codabrasoft have done a great job in bringing this vision to life!
  • The Brand Affect for their logo & marketing services!

Lastly, this project wouldn’t be possible w/o the vision of WOTC and their Open Gaming License