Launched on Friday the 13th 2020 at the 24th annual MACE Gaming Convention in NC, we will add sounds monthly & feature updates periodically. Check out our schedule below and our collaborators here: Acknowledgment Page.


  •  Dec ’20: Fantasy pt2 with New Spells/ Weapons/ Phrases/ Foley
  •  Jan ’21: Monsters pt1 with New Weapons/ Phrases/ Wallpaper & New App Feature: Onboarding Screens & Pre-made Scenarios
  • Android version 1.0 launched Jan 11th
  • Feb ’21: Monsters pt2 with Weapons/ Phrases/ Foley & New App Feature: Swift Roll  
  • Mar ’21: Sounds of War pt1 with Weapons/ Phrases/ Foley 
  • Apr ’21: Gunner Spells/ Weapons/ Phrases/ Foley
  • May ’21: Minstrel May  Spells/ Weapons/ Phrases/ Foley
  • Jun ’21: Droid 1.0 with Spells/ Weapons/ Phrases/ Foley
  • Jul ’21: Droid 2.0 with Weapons/ Phrases/ Foley
  •  Aug ’21: Aberrations Weapons/ Spells
  • Sep ’21: Pirates & Lycanthropes Spells/ Weapons/ Phrases/ Foley
  • Oct ’21: Disability Awareness Weapons/ Phrases/ Foley
  • Oct ’21: Horror Spells/Weapons/ Phrases/ Foley
  • Nov’ 21: Magic Items Sounds 
  • Dec ’21: Supplemental Items with Suggestions & Filling in sounds from prior themes

Sampling of sounds can be done in the app with a Free 3-day trial of the Premium version. All new sounds are available to our Premium community as part of their monthly subscription.

We strive to produce high quality content and functionality to support your tabletop needs. If we don’t have a sound you need, go Premium & access unlimited personal sound file uploads.

Our file naming convention has been designed like a puzzle, ie Action Hammer Throw 1 matches Hit Hammer Throw 1 and Miss Hammer Throw 1, or Action Finger of Death 1, Hit Finger of Death 1 and Miss Necromancy Spell Fail 1, all users can mix and match to best meet their need. Similarly, personal sounds are prompted to assign Category and Type so they are housed in the correct sound gallery. 

Play around and have fun. Share your feedback with us so we know what you like, dislike and want to hear with MSD. Thank you